Breaking Bread with King Most Wanted (Interview)

In an era where the style of hip hop music is quickly changing, King Most Wanted continues to pave his way through the industry with his unique sound and vibrant style. Not only is he being noticed in the industry but as well as all over the internet and all over the world as his songs continue go viral on most social media platforms but especially Tik Tok. Just a few of his viral Tik Tok songs include “Different Varieties,” “In My City,” and more. Racking up more than 1 million Tik Tok videos with his tracks behind them! Representing San Bernardino, King is dedicated to perfecting his art and is driven to change the hip hop music scene and make a huge name for himself. I had the opportunity to chat and "break bread" with King about himself, some of his goals and go over a few of his favorite tracks!

-  When did you get started as an artist?

I first started rappin when I was 13 in jail I used to get on peoples heads rapping and one of the officers there told me I was smooth with my words so when I got out i went to the homies that had a STU in his garage and started making songs that led on to me meeting my manager and the rest is history I’ve been goin at this music shit everyday since.

- Something I really appreciate about you is that regardless of your age, you hustle by any means to get what you want. With that said, what is it that you want out of your music career? Why are you doing what you are doing?

I like that I am able to express my different emotions on a song. A lot my shit is off how I was feelin at that time going to the STU I jus let it all out onna beat. I wanna be at the top n I know I’m gonna be cause it’s too natural to me. I wanna be able to give me peoples everything they want.

- You’re still so early in the game, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Successful .. very successful. It’s only been a year n a half of making music in 5 years it’s ugly for everyone.

- You are obviously very lyrically talented, who/what has inspired your taste and your sound?

NBA YOUNGBOY influenced me. He’s my favorite artist.

- What/who do you listen to outside of yourself?


- Out of anyone in the industry, who is someone that you’d love to work on a project with? Why?

YOUNGBOY I’ve always wanted to work w him.

-What’s next for you this year? Any new collaborations/shows coming up?

I got a couple things in the vault but expect a really big EP called “KING OF DA JUNGLE”

- What’s one thing you want people to know about you as an artist right now?

I want people to Really listen to the shit I be saying. I represent the IE the DINO. Really out the mud. Prolly one of the drippiest people you’ll meet. “KINGMOSTWANTED” BEEN DAT.

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Listen to all of King Most Wanted's favorite tracks below:

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