Ye Ali drops Ye Ali x Chill 2

We can all agree that R&B isn’t the same that it used to be, in my opinion it’s better. A great example of someone who’s really broken the sound of R&B is Ye Ali. The producer/singer/songwriter has released a new project that skillfully captures the power and vibrancy of raw talent. The 6 song piece offers a heavy dose of eclectic soul and r&b. This project features appearances from the likes of JAHKOY, DCMBR, Ryahn, Reggie Becton, T Verse Alias, and Tristan.

"Slow down, I really wanna get to hold you"

Ye Ali hits home and breathes pure authenticity with this project. We can expect more from the independent artist but in the meantime run these plays up below. My favorite tracks include “This Way” and “Sweet Stuff.” Can you spot the samples?

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